Facebook Integration

Having your own web site is still important in anchoring your presence on the web. However, Facebook is also one of the, if not the, most significant influence on the web today. So, even with your own web site, integrating it with Facebook is increasing important. xHighway can bring these two components of your web presence together.

Google Search Results

Once your have a web site, your customers must be able to find you. This makes search engine placement imperative in a competitive market place. xHighway will develop the keywords, and back-end coding structure to enable your site to be scanned and found by the major search engines.


Web sites have come a long way from the days of static text, and a few images. Today, there are numerous tools available to help bring your site to life - image sliders, portfolios, galleries, image zooming, there are many many such tools available that use jQuery as the underlying technology. xHighway believes in integrating these into your site wherever possible.

Code Management and Control

xHighway is a strong supporter of Configuration Management. We use Enterprise level practises for the control, management, and storage of software. Testing is run prior to releasing the code to the live site, and we do not make changes directly onto the live site without first testing them off-line.

Database Integration

If you seek something more dynamic, a back-end database can be brought into use. xHighway can aid in designing and developing a database structure for your database. While there is more initial up-front design work in invoking a database, if your data is changing more frequently (for example, in pricing, or availability) use of a database can save costs later in the up-keep and maintenance of your data.